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Minimal invasive Subvastus approach

Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital has offered minimally invasive Subvastus surgery for many patients in Erode district and Kerala people. Minimally invasive surgery means significantly less pain, fewer side effects, less scarring, a shorter recovery period, and a faster return to normal activities than traditional surgery. It seeks to diminish the problems of traditional extensile exposures aiming for more rapid rehabilitation of patients after surgery. This is a specialization that requires a high degree of planning, customized components and surgical skills.

Arthroscopy Surgery

Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital is the first center that provides exclusive facilities for Arthroscopic Surgery of Knee, Shoulder and Ankle Surgery in Erode district.This is first center in the region which has brought a now popular concept of 'day care surgery' where patients are sent home following surgery on the same day. This not only cuts down the expenditure but also allows the patient to feel comfortable in his own place amongst his family members.

By providing class treatment at very nominal cost to all categories of patients.With high costs of Arthroscopic Surgery & Endoscopic Spine Surgery outside India, more and more people are turning to India for their treatment. The difference in what you pay at home and in India is enormous.


Less pain when compared with traditional joint replacement methods
Less incidences of infection
Patient is able to walk within 24 hours after surgery
Artificial knee and hip joints last longer than usual
Patient is able to return home more quickly and will recover at the hospital for no more than three days
Less blood loss
Quicker recovery
Smaller incision