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Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital is uniquely positioned to offer the finest comprehensive joint replacement care. In 10 years Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital has performed many successful Hip Replacements & Knee Replacement Surgeries and Shoulder Replacement Surgeries with excellent outcomes. Our hospital is having state of the art well equipped separate theatre for Joint Replacement Surgery. It is a resource for treating joint disorders. Areas of special emphasis include, joint replacement, knee replacements, trauma, and our surgeons have diverse expertise and are committed to provide effective solutions for people with a wide range of orthopedic problems from broken bones to spinal disorders. Revision joint replacement- for people whose earlier replacements have failed A detailed evaluation of patients is performed before formulating a treatment strategy. A range of treatment procedures are available and are thoroughly discussed with each patient. Arthroplasty is very common surgery performed successfully by our surgeons. In knee or hip replacement surgery, the artificial joint is made out of metal and plastic. In the case of joint replacement in the hand, the new joint is most commonly composed of silicone rubber or the patient's own tissues such as a portion of tendon.

The range of interventions include:

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery – The team is extensively trained in this field and have between them decades of successful operative experience. In addition to their inherent medical skills, cutting edge technology and proven surgical techniques are utilised to optimise the treatment outcomes. Based on the patient’s complaints, an individualized plan combining physical therapy, medications, and/or surgical treatment, is recommended.

Complex joint reconstruction to rectify a failed joint replacement – This is a challenging procedure for any orthopaedic surgeon requiring specialised expertise and equipment.

Treatment of arthritis in younger individuals – Younger individuals can have painful and unstable joints following childhood disorders such as Congenital Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Perthes disease, fractures, infections and Avascular Necrosis. These challenging problems can be managed with non-operative measures, osteotomies, arthrodesis and rarely joint replacement surgery.

Total Knee Replacement

Unicondylar Knee replacement (which requires only a small incision and assures rapid recovery)
Hi-flex knees (where the patient can comfortably move and squat normally, which is not possible in conventional knee replacements)
Failed or revision joint replacement
Infected joint replacement
Extra corporeal irradiation and total joint replacement

Total Hip Replacement
Cement less total hip replacement (less complicated in terms of fixation of prosthesis)
Hip Resurfacing / Surface replacement arthroplasty
Cement less bipolar / partial hip replacement in elderly with fracture neck femur
Shoulder Replacement