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Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine at Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital provides a wide range of reliable and accurate diagnostic services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. High levels of test accuracy are maintained through extensive internal and external quality assurance exercises as per the standards.

A comprehensive range of haematology, biochemistry, serology, clinical pathology and microbiology tests are available.

Intensive Care Unit

It is fitted with uninterrupted power supply, cardiac monitor, and pulse oxymeter to check oxygen level, ventilator (respirator) for use in patients with respiratory failure. There are 5 beds in the ICU which can handle all types of major trauma patients including patients with major extremity, spine, head, chest and abdominal injuries.

State of the Art Operation Theatres

Two spacious operation theatres one exclusive for orthopedic surgeries and one for Spine and Joint replacement surgeries. Operation theatres have joint less floor with coved corners for better hygiene.


Orthopedic theatre is designed as room with in room concept. It means sterile area with in operation theatre in which ultra clean air through HEPA filters flows in, in the form of inverted trumphet pattern. In this concept there is no turbulence in air flow and less sterile air cannot come into surgical field ensuring asepsis. Orthopedic Theatre is equipped with latest equipments like 30 and 70 degree arthroscopy, C Arm for trauma and spine surgeries and orthopedic power systems

Ambulance Service

Ambulance facility for picking up accident victims has been made available. If anyone calls on 09842720444, the Ambulance service will be available. The pre-hospital care is done by a fleet of fully equipped ambulance manned by paramedical personnel who are trained in basic life support and basic trauma life support. The ambulance is connected by wireless communication system. The patients are assessed by the paramedics and they inform the patient's state to the doctor on duty at the emergency.

Specialized Nursing Care

We have Qualified 25 nurses in our Hospital. They are fully trained in orthopedic care nursing. We give great attention to the patient of spinal injury for their transportation we have special type of spinal board which saves from further injury at the time of transportation and MRI.