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Orthopaedic Sports Injury Clinic

The Sports injury clinic at Dr. Loganathan Orthopaedic Hospital for Advanced Surgeries specialises in the non-surgical and surgical management of Musculoskeletal injuries occurring as a result of Sports. Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Swimming etc. are the common sports that can result in injury to the Shoulder and Knee joint. The other joints that can be injured are elbow, wrist and ankle joint. We provide a comprehensive and evidence based care to all Musculoskeletal Sports injuries.

We offer surgical management of the following common injuries.
Ligament injuries of the knee joint (Anterior and Posterior Cruciate ligaments)
Meniscus tears of the knee joint
Cartilage damage
Patella dislocation
Shoulder – recurrent dislocations
Shoulder – Rotator cuff injury
Shoulder – Impingement
Fractures around the shoulder, elbow, wrist and knee joint
Elbow osteoarthritis
Tennis Elbow/Golfer’s Elbow
Wrist – Triangular fibrocartilage tear
Arthritis of the hand joints

Our approach consists of making a definitive diagnosis by a thorough clinical assessment and using various diagnostic modalities followed by formulating a management plan. In many instances, the management plan would consist of non-surgical treatment comprising of pain medications, physiotherapy and counselling. If the injury cannot be treated by non-surgical means then surgical treatment is offered.

Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation:The objective of the treatment in Sports injuries is to get the patient back to Sporty lifestyle. Our team of physiotherapists are well trained in rehabilitation and we have necessary equipments in regard to that. Encouraging sports performance is another branch that our sports physiotherapist can provide support. We also offer treatments such as interferential therapy, short-wave diathermy and ultrasound massage.

Services offered
Internal medicine and Diagnosis
Sports aptitude
Check-up for stressed out people
Fitness tests
Performance diagnostics

Orthopaedic care
Diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of acute sports injuries
Diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of chronic sports damages
Ambulatory and in-patient operations (endoscopic knee, ankle joint, tendon and foot surgery)
Medical high-performance sports care at federal be

Special gymnastic for patients with sports injuries
Manual therapy
Medical training therapy
Massage treatment
Lymphatic drainage
ISO-KINETIC training

Shock wave therapy
Handling of painful soft-tissue syndromes:
E.G. Tendon Problems
Heel spur
Achilles tendon pain syndromes
Shoulder pains
Jumpers knee
Tennis elbow

Surgical Treatment
Joint replacement
And sports related injury surgery care